Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our Visit to Highline Park

The High Line is located on Manhattan's West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to 34th Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues. Section 1 of the High Line, which opened to the public on June 9, 2009, runs from Gansevoort Street to 20th Street.
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon July 25th, 2009 some friends and I went to High Line Park. Of course I had my camera and began taking photos. Some woman that worked for the park tried to stop me from taking photos and said I needed a permit. I explained to her I was only taking images for personal use. She looked at my shirt (which has an iron on "PHOTOGRAPHER" patch) and asked me was I sure. I assured her it was for personal use. She skeptically walked away. So proceeded to take photos.

After a few moments of enjoying the scenery and the parks beauty, Mother Nature took hold of the sky and sent down a very light drizzle. We ran underneath a building that the park runs through. At this time it started to rain...

...Well that rain turned into a down pour. Everyone began to get wet from the wind blowing rain on us. Umbrellas became useless, as did the building over us. Not to far away was some scaffolding that offered a dryer refuge. We decided to make a run for it.

Raining .... Pouring

Here we are making a run for it:

That's Gary laughing, coming in first, then Jay and I was last running like a I had on Crocs and I was scared of falling and embarrassing myself, not to mention ruining my camera equipment that was in my bag. Some guy that was already underneath the scaffolding video taped us with his phone and was kind enough to email it to us.

Once we made it underneath the scaffolding we began to cheer on the stragglers we left behind to come where we were. While Gary, Jay and others clapped as they made it underneath the scaffolding, I took pics.

He was the last

Moments later the rain stopped and Mother Nature let the sun shine. Soaking wet we began to dry off and enjoy the rest of High Line.