Thursday, December 1, 2011

Universal Gear

On October 8th 2011 I did a promotional shoot for Universal Gear.   I was hired by Joseph Hildalgo aka...Super-Star-Fashion-Pop-Icon-Sta
tus  aka... Chelsea Mayor  aka....  Joseph On the Rocks Hidalgo and now aka... MATERIAL BABY
I recently posted some of the images on Facebook and they were removed.  I think I have a hater on there.  The images were getting compliments.  In fact I've seen worse on Facebook.
Well, I decided to post the images here for those who either didn't get to see it or just wanted to see it again.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


   Name: Serge

Nationality: Romanian

Currently Living: New York

Why did you get into modeling?  I've always wanted to do modeling but i've never had time for it. One day i realised: the time is now!!!)))

How was it to work with JR? Awesome! Jr is absolutely competent, professional and creative person. You can work with him 10 hours and still be in a creative mood. He's open to any idea you have and gives you freedom  to improvise. He's amazing!!!

What do you do to keep your body so fit? Going to the gym and swimming.

Who is your favorite designer(s)? Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto

What type of clothing do you wear? - It depends on the ocassion

What are you studying in college? "Who will survive in America" (Kanye West) ))))))))

Who is your idol? I dont have any.

   Favorite model? Jon Kortajarena