Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introducing Loren Levy

Loren is a dear friend of mine that I went to high school with back in the day. What day you ask?...none of your We did lots together from High School until today. We've remained the best of friends. Now we're like brother and sister. She has been taken in by my family as I have been taken in by hers. I've longed to capture her beauty. I finally had the pleasure and honor of working with her. She had such great ideas.
All the make-up was done by: Lex. The roping was done by: Dov Hechtman. Geisha and dominatrix outfit by: Loren Levy, who is also a Zumba Instructor. I had the pleasure of taking a "Master Class," with her at SOB's. I had such a great time.
Here are images from our shoot: