Thursday, February 5, 2015

Introducing... Jemille Deon Berry
An aspiring model, actor and artist.  I had the pleasure to work with this young handsome man.  I trooped to the Bronx with my photo equipment met up with Jemille only to unpack and realized I didn't have my compact flash card in the camera.  Nor did I have any in my camera bag.  Shame, shame on myself.  Unfortunately we had to reschedule.  When we did we came up with these wonderful images of him.  Please enjoy the collaboration of Jemille and I.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's Bruce Jackson bitches

It's BRUCE JACKSON bitches.... as he would say.  It was definitely a pleasure working with him.  He traveled all the way from Washington DC to New York for this shoot.  He's hilarious and I'm pretty sure he'll succeed at anything he puts his mind to, he's a very determined young man.
Without further ado please enjoy.... BRUCE JACKSON!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



As a photographer I tend to surf the internet to check out what's going on in the photography world.  During a few of my surfing ventures I frequently ran into a beautiful beings.  K.A. just so happens to be one of them.   Coming home from work one day I saw him on the train with his mom.  I know I knew the face, I just didn't remember his name or exactly where I knew his face from.  I mustered up the courage to approach him on the train, with no luck due to me not remembering his name.  I came home and searched the sites I frequent and found him.  We conversed via text and emails for about a month or two and finally had a shoot.  It was definitely a pleasure working with him.  I think he's walking art himself.  I was fortunate to capture it.

Name: K.A. 

Age: 34 

Nationality: Italian, Irish, German 

Currently Living: Brooklyn 

Why did you get into modeling?  Initially, to help a photographer friend flush out some ideas she had for projects

How was it to work with JR?  Very easy, laid back, and friendly shoot..

What do you do to keep your body so fit? i wouldn't say i'm fit at this point, just NOT overweight.. good genetics and i usually eat one meal a day, around 6-7 pm.. also i use my bicycle to get everywhere..

Who is your favorite designer(s)? The Levi Jeans company

What type of clothing do you wear? utilitarian clothes that will take a beating at work..

What are you studying/did you study in college? studied Climate/Meteorology/Computer Cartographics

Who is your idol? i have the utmost respect and admiration for anyone who gets up in the morning, goes to a job, whether they like it or not, and works hard and does their job well..

Your favorite famous model? n/a





 Thanks for posing for me K.A.  You are truly a beautiful being.