Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yohei Koizumi

Yohei [yō] [hā]­­­ Koizumi

We met about a few years back through a modeling website. He's originally from Japan, Shizuoka near Tokyo. He's been in NYC for 7 years now and resides in Brooklyn. He's currently a student, studying accounting.
Standing at 6' 2" and weighing 173 he's walked runways at Brooklyn's fashion weekend. Years 2007, 2008 and 2010 for Life Style Magazine, Lexani and Daffy's. Yohei was also a model for Redken.

Q. What type of model do you like being?

A. I love runway modeling. I'm rare and different than other models because of my unique look and Asian features.

We tend to meet up for all you can eat sushi every now and then. We've developed a cool relationship over the years and we've done countless photo shoots.

Models: Chu Chu and Yohei

"You're a great photographer JR. You know how to make models feel so comfortable, you have great lighting, settings and you have many unique ideas."
Yohei Koizmi