Friday, September 30, 2011

Jeremiah Manuel Perez

My first conversation with Jeremiah Manuel Perez was in August 2007. I didn't have the honor and privilege to work with him until April 2010. Then we collaborated once again June 2010. The images below are from our April 2010 shoot. It was definitely a pleasure to finally work with him even though it took 3 The photos from our June 2010 shoot will soon follow... so stay tuned.
"I am a model with a very Unique look and have lots of passion in what i do. I love the way the camera interacts with the human body, I Find it extremely fascinating. I have done work for photographers, hair stylist and makeup artist that are intrigued by my look and its because of these people who believe in me that gives me great motivation to move forward. I am up for pretty much any challenge and endeavor. I love taking fabulous pictures, its just who I am."