Saturday, March 6, 2010

One of my Best Clients

I met Jocelyn B. back in 2008. We met through a mutual friend. Ever since she's been one of my most loyal clients. She's also one of my best clients. I'm truly grateful to have met her and watch her blossom into such a beautiful, young, intelligent woman. The photos below are from our last photo session where she hired me to take photos of her at a Latex Ball Event. It was truly an entertaining event. Jocelyn made me part of her act, but they didn't allow me to get on stage with her due to me having camera equipment. "No press allowed." She wanted me to be paparazzi for the beginning of her act. Needless say nothing went right with her would be brilliant act. It was a first time participating at such an event. She made it through the first round of judging but, was eliminated during the second round. We made the best of it though. Definitely a night to remember.